If you are a Tasmanian FOLS holder that is seeking reaccreditation for:

  • Faller (Basic);
  • Faller (Intermediate); or
  • Faller (Advanced)

then you must have had a a practical assessment within the last three years in order to have the skill listed on your FOLS.
This is a requirement of the Tasmanian Forest Industries Safety Standards Committee. All Tasmanian FOLS-holders were notified of this in March 2012.  The relevant part of the letter is:

Following recommendations from the Coroner’s Office and the Director of Workplace Standards Tasmania, the Tasmanian Forest Industries Safety Standards Committee have taken the decision to implement a change to the way tree falling endorsements are renewed. It is now a requirement that all licensed tree fallers are to be reassessed every three years and not re-registered as previously. This is to increase the safety of tree fallers by ensuring that the operator’s tree falling competency skills remain current.

You must now complete a practical re‐assessment of your tree falling skills showing current competency before a new tree falling FOLS can be issued.