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Keep your FOLS up to date

ForestWorks can assist you to:

Renew your FOLS Card

A Full FOLS Card remains current for a three-year period and renewal notices are sent to all FOLS Card holders prior to the expiry date.

If you currently hold a FOLS Card and it is reaching expiry, we will assist you with the renewal process.

After the expiry date, you will have 12 months to renew your FOLS Card. If your FOLS Card has been expired for longer than this time, it will no longer be renewable and you will need to reapply.

Download the renewal form

Add skilled activities to your existing FOLS Card

If you currently hold a FOLS Card and would like additional skilled activities added, we can assist. For each activity, you must complete the corresponding unit of competency and provide evidence of competency* or evidence of assessment for Tasmanian FOLS Card holders.

Update your contact details

If your contact details have changed or you haven't been receiving FOLS notifications, let us know and we will update them for you.

Access your FOLS details online

If you would like to access your FOLS details online, we can provide you with an online login.

It is a secure and easy way of keeping your FOLS Card details up to date, including training records and renewal details. We provide any technical support you may require and you can still receive all postal notifications.

If you already have an account, you can login here.

For more information or assistance, please contact us.

FOLS is an industry-led, not for profit, membership-based program that is managed by ForestWorks.
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