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Learning and Assessment Resources

Log Haulage Manual

The Log Haualge Manual details safety standards and best practice operations for industry around load restraint; loading and unloading trucks; transporting forestry logs and produce. It also supports the training delivery of Forestry Log Truck Driver and Forestry Produce Truck Driver Skill Sets and Units of Competency.

Download the Log Haulage Manual

Tree Faller's Manual

The Tree Faller's Manual is an essential handbook for forest operators and others who need to fell trees manually using a hand-held chainsaw. The manual is based on the national competency standards for the forest and forest products industry where tree felling is covered using three categories: basic, intermediate and advanced.

To purchase the Tree Faller's Manual visit the CSIRO website

Chainsaw Operator's Manual

The Chainsaw Operator's Manual covers a number of topics relating to chainsaw operation including safety, maintenance and cross-cutting. This manual has also been updated to take into account the most recent changes in nationally accredited competency standards.

To purchase the Chainsaw Operator's Manual visit the CSIRO website

Tasmanian Fire Assessment Tools

ForestWorks has developed a range of tools, learner resources and PowerPoint presentations for three levels of Tasmanian Fire Assessment:

Download Fire Weather Evaluation Tool

Download Bushfire Awareness Tool

Download Wildfire Suppression Tool

TAS Manual Tree Felling Standards Infringement Flow Chart and Manual Faller Audits

The Manual tree felling standards infringement flow chart  is a process endorsed by the Safety Standards Committee of the Tasmanian Forest Industries to facilitate contractors and supervisors in meeting their duty of care under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.

Download the flow chart

These documents may be used:
  • as part of the regular workplace auditing process or
  • when the contractor starts a new faller or
  • when a faller commences tree felling following a period of three months or more of not carrying out tree felling or
  • may be used specifically when unacceptable falling practices have been identified

Video: Working Safely With Trees

This 3.5 minute video highlights the dangers of lopping, trimming, maintaining and removing trees, as well as wood chipping, stump grinding and chainsaw operation.

Click here to watch the video

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