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The National FOLS Steering Committee endorses new Registration of Assessor and RTOs on FOLS.


  • The new FOLS portal will include a process for registering assessors and RTOs. This includes access to moderated assessment tools, which will be reviewed regularly, based on an annual plan for the moderation of key industry units.
  • Only registered assessors and RTOs will be listed on FOLS.
  • The cost of registering as an assessor on FOLS will increase by the CPI and therefore will be $335 per assessor for 2017/18. This fee will be capped for an RTO at $1675 or the price of 5 registered assessors. The registration period is from September 1 2017 for 12 months. No pro rata arrangement will be in place for late or partial year registrations.
  • Where possible RTOs and assessors will endeavour to provide information to assign Statement of Attainment to an assessor.
  • The new process will be phased in from September 1 2017, with the expectation that all assessors be registered by February 1 2018.
  • This new network replaces the previous FIAPS and Tasmanian networks.
  • Assessors are required to hold a current FOLS with the following criteria:

  • An application to be registered as an assessor must be completed annually. An application form is available Click here
  • An RTO would be listed on FOLS if any of their Assessors were registered on FOLS.


Michelle Clayton, who co-ordinates the moderation of assessment tools, will co-ordinate and manage this network.

Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions on 03 9321 3500 or


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