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Apply for a FOLS

FOLS Application Form

When submitting your application form, you may be required to upload or attach copies of the required evidence of competency* or evidence of assessment and/or proof of enrolment*.

FOLS Application to be used if currently working in the industry Click here

If you are new to the industry a Trainee Application is used. Click here to download application form.

For further information on how to apply (for businesses and operators) download the How to Guide

*Evidence of competency is a Statement of Attainment or evidence of assessment to demonstrate that you have completed a unit of competency. The units of competency codes can be found at the following Click here .

*Proof of enrolment is evidence of your enrolment, to demonstrate that you are currently being trained in a unit of competency. For example, you can provide a statement from your RTO or an enrolment receipt.

 FOLS membership fees

 Full FOLS membership (3 yrs) $165.00 (incl. GST)
 Trainee FOLS membership (6 months) $33.00 (incl. GST)


FOLS is an industry-led, not for profit, membership-based program that is managed by ForestWorks.
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