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About FOLS

FOLS is an important asset for employees engaged in forestry operations. It demonstrates adequate training in using equipment, understanding safety, environmental care and operating standards.

Anyone engaged in timber harvesting should hold a FOLS. Timber harvesting includes the harvesting of any tree or part of any tree for the purpose of sale or processing and sale.

FOLS Categories


A Full FOLS remains current for a three-year period. It is issued based on the assessment of your ability to operate competently and safely.

For Victorian State Forest Operators, it is a VicForests requirement to have the following two competencies: FWPCOR2203 - Follow environmental care procedures; and FWPCOR2205 - Follow OHS policies and procedures.

You can apply to hold a FOLS for any skilled activity undertaken in your job role.

You must complete the units of competency for all skilled activities undertaken in your role (that you want to be recognised on your FOLS Card for) and provide evidence of competency*.

Trainee FOLS

A Trainee FOLS is current for a six-month period. It is issued if you are undertaking training and assessment, but have not yet attained, the selected skilled activities required of your job role.

It enables you to be trained while continuing in your role, under supervision.

What is required to hold a Trainee FOLS?

  • For any units of competency that you have completed, you must provide evidence of competency*
  • For the units of competency that you are currently training in, you must:
    a)   Provide proof of enrolment*
    b)   A nominated work supervisor must complete the Supervision Agreement within your application form.
          They must be a current FOLS holder.
    c)   Your trainer/s must complete the Training Agreement within your application form.
          They must be a qualified trainer with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Skilled activities and their associated units of competency

Click here to search for skilled activities and their associated units of competency in different states.

*Evidence of competency or enrolment

Evidence of competency is a Statement of Attainment or evidence of assessment to demonstrate that you have completed a unit of competency.

Proof of enrolment is evidence of your enrolment, to demonstrate that you are currently being trained in a unit of competency. For example, you can provide a statement from your RTO or an enrolment receipt.

Apply for a FOLS

You can apply for a FOLS by completing an online application, or by completing a printed application form.

When lodging your completed application, you will also be required to upload or attach copies of the required evidence of competency* and/or proof of enrolment*.

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FOLS is an industry-led, not for profit, membership-based program that is managed by ForestWorks.
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